Aldi... 19th July

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They have some bike stuff

click on "thursday special buys" at the bottom

wireless computers , bike carriers and "cool" shades



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    Is it only on these special days (and until stock runs out) that they have cycling gear, or is there usualy a stock of stuff that's discounted every now and then?
  • I'd be curious to hear what people have bought in Aldi or Lidl before and how they found it.

    I'm often tempted to splash out (so to speak) whenever they do cycling (or diving, for that matter) gear but haven't bought anything from them yet, because a part of me says it will be rubbish quality and it'd make more sense to go to a bike store and spend more money.

    Can anyone vouch for the quality?
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    I use an Aldi gilet a lot and after 2 years it's still ok. Zip still fine and nice quality.

    I've also have one of the wireless computers with HRM on one of my bikes. It seems as accurate as the decathlon HRM I also wear, but does pick up interference at times
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  • Cool, I'll probably get a few bits next time they've got them here in Ireland 'cos cash is tight at the moment.

    I still don't understand how they can make them so cheap, I suspect they must be made by six-year old Asian kids working 16 hour shifts. Then again most of expensive stuff probably is too.
  • Aldi's running kit is fairly good. I have had good use out of running tights and top, both pretty good quality, except for the zips on the tights. An otherwise very nice running waterproof had to be returned with a broken zip, and they had no replacement. So I recommend sports kit for value for money.

    I personally have never bought any of the bike kit. I have looked through the Aldi bike offerings a couple of times, but have never been tempted. I would recommend it if you have a tight budget or expect to trash it. However, if you want kit to complement a nice bike, splash out and get better cut stuff.
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    Thanks for that, need a new foot pump :D
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    The quality is good - for what you pay. Watch out for the sizes on the clothing (try on if possible). The last "large" jersey I bought was more like extra extra large and never got worn much..
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    I really like their stuff...not had any problems apart from one zip that was a bit dodgy...and considering it is way cheaper than anywhere else, I think it's well worth it. Get on with the aldi sizing better than with lidl tho-their stuff seems to be more short and wide and my arms are usually too long for it.
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  • battenburg cake looks good :P
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    jacobjacob wrote:
    battenburg cake looks good :P

    something for everyone then :lol::lol:

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    The quality is decent for what you pay - when I was just starting out it was a cheap way to get a load of kit.
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    I bought a waterproof cycling jacket, shorts, leg warmers and a shirt in the last cycling sale; change out of £30! The jacket has been worn regularly and is excellent as are the shorts. 10 out of 10 for the price. :) [/b]
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    My Lidl SPD shoes have been great.
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    Its usually like a scrum at my local aldi when the cycling stuff is in. I just grab a load of different sizes, buy them and try them on at home. If something doesn't fit you can always take it back for a refund, or do what I did last time. Bought £60 worth of gear, half of it didn't fit so I sold it on ebay for £50, so I ended up with £30 worth of already cheap gear for £10. :D
  • Anyone got one of these cooling bags before, or have any thoughts?

    I could do with a cheap cooling bag for trips to beach, long walks etc more so than cycling..