Rejecting my login and various other problems

Well firstly I've just had to create a new account to post this.

For the last few days every time I've clicked reply (or quote) on a post I've just been returned to the main Forum Index (despite being logged in) and it's taken me numerous attempts at clicking the reply button until the forum deigns to let me post what I'd wanted to - in the case of the PTP Pundit thread in Race, taking around 10 to 15 minutes just to post "Stage 2 Tom Boonen" or whatever is incredibly infuriating :evil:

Anyway I finally got sick of this yesterday evening so decided to Log Out of the Forums, in the hope that logging back in would solve this...No. It didn't. In fact it's only made things worse as now using my original log in (GroupOfOne and password) the forums just reject every log in attempt I make as being an invalid username, and god knows how many times I've tried it. I've tried logging in through the main page, through the forums, and even by clicking reply and then putting in my username, but each to no avail.

Thus can someone please help, as it's annoying as hell to have to create a new username just to get in. And what happens when the forum decideds to reject this username, I can't just go on creating new accounts as that's a waste of everyone's time. I don't think this is tied into my move from C+, as I've already had those login problems, so I guess this is something new.

So if someone from BikeRadar could help and return me to my original username, that'd be great cheers :)


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    Can you mail me from the email address you registered GroupOfOne with please? Also send me your password.