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sram chains

tompsk73tompsk73 Posts: 112
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Ive got a sram drive chain on the cannondale, freewheel, deraillers and chain. None of it is that old but the sram chain has broken and I hear they do that a lot because theyre just not as good as shimano chains. Can I replace it with a 9speed shimano one or will the sram sprokets and deraillers not be compatible?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    yes you can use a same peed shimano chain. But it is generally regarded that sram chains are better than the shimano equivalent.

    why and how did it break?
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  • uniquerideuniqueride Posts: 177
    Chains do break it just happens. do you know exactly what sram chain it is? A shimano chain would be compatible (but you would have to get a new casset aswell due to amounts of wear). i dont know where you heard that shimnao chains are stonger than sram because there not sram cassets and chains are far better than shimano, they are stronger and make shifting smother. remove the broken link and reconnect the chain if it happens again then get a new sram chain and casset i would recomend ... delID=9760
    [url=and]and ... ettes.html[/url] SRAM PG-970 CASSETTE.
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