Should I tear their arm off?

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Evening all

I have just been down to my LBS to see what is available for £1100-1400....anyway long story short I have been offered an 07 Spesh Roubaix Expert for £1650 down from £1999. It has been on 2 very short (round the car park) test rides and is mint.

Whilst it is a little over budget; it's a lot of bike for the money and in my size 58 they are like rocking horse droppings so "deals" are non existant. it worth going for..?


  • Yorkshireman
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    If `deals` are non existant ... and they are rare as ... I`d get back quick :wink: .
    Colin N.

    Lincolnshire is mostly flat... but the wind is mostly in your face!
  • Fat Head
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    i would proceed with stealth and make sure you do not want a sportier bike than the roubaix...if that's the type of bike you're after then it's a good deal!
  • Noodley
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    I found this deal earlier this evening which I thought was good (hope it does not make chosing even harder for you):
  • sloxam-alt
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    roubaix is relaxed geometry, scott is rock on racing geometry. i have a roubaix comp and love it. i have no desire to get down so low that my knees hit chest so i didn't buy a racing geometry bike.
    roubaix deals ARE non existent and yours is a cracking deal.
    all depends what you want really
    is it on yet?
  • Steveorow
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    As FH says proceed carefully its a lot of dosh if it end up not fit for purpose . Not just now but in the future . Depends on what you want but I found the Roubaix felt a little dead and unresponsive when I was in the market for a new steed . Did not want an out and out racer either so went for this

    I also heard good reports about the Willier Mortorolo but could not test ride so went for the Cannondale ; A few folsk on here have the Willier .