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Hey all, not sure where this post belongs but hey ho. I was wondering if anyone had a reccommendation for a decent physio or sports therapist in Glasgow? My upper back is complete scunnered through a combo of bad posture and too much studying and compacted by breaking my collar bone last year. Over developed shoulder muscles, tightened chest muscles, shooting pains - the works! I got as much as i could from the nhs physio before I used up my time and got signed off although my back isn't quite back to normal yet....

Any recommendations or ideas would be much appreciated.




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    ooh, also, someone suggested the alexander technique for a more long term solution..anyone tried it?
  • There was a review in yesterday's Daily Mail about various back treatments. They included Alexander, Pilates, Yoga, Oesteopath, Chiropracter and Acupuncture.

    The Alexander didn't come out too well. I seem to remember that Acupuncture came out best.
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    hmmm. I did accupuncture a few years back and it did help - it was more like therapy mind you! I need something that will help me shake off my terrible posture habits you see...
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    I use to suffer the same, but for the last 12 weeks have been doing a pilates class. I feel much better in the back shoulders and neck. And I have a massage from a lady who trained as a sports massuse, but works in a beauty salon, so worth asking around.

    A good massage will work wonders, and then try the local gym to see if they do pilates or yoga (both very similar)
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    Don't know about glasgow but having tried physio and osteopath, I personally would go for osteopath any time. Two weeks ago, I could barely walk with a really bad back. I saw two physios, who said it was just a bit of iritation on my spine and that i needed to keep up with the pilates exercises I had been doing. When that failed to work, I saw an osteopath who made a difference in just one session. He did a fairly intense massage to warm the area up and then a series of manipulations and the results have been amazing. I've seen him four times since and I'm now fully recovered.
    Good luck
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    I've had real trouble getting a physio. I'm interested to see how you get on.