two online sale options

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A bike I've decided on is reduced by £130 at and by £180 at - if I ordered online, who would provide a better delivery and after sales service ? i.e. would the bike be built/part built/in pieces and what if anything is missing/damaged


  • supersonic
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    Email them and ask. Online aftersales service usually is at your cost to return the bike or parts.
  • JonBurns
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    Cyclestore is my LBS. They're a good bunch that know their stuff. I'm pretty sure they build up, tweek, check then dismantle bikes before shipping them out and they always seem eager to help.

    This is only my experience of them so others may think something else. I know i'd rather go with them than evans.

    hope thats helpful :D
  • secretsam
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    evans is my LBS at work!!! Don't use them as my bike's at home, but they seem a decent bunch, they have to be 'cos Condor's only 100 yards away

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