Tufo tub scealant

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The Tufo scealant says that it's only compatible with Tufo tubs. Is this because they obviously only want you to buy their product, or is there some reason for this?


  • Monty Dog
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    I think it's because Tufo use butyl liners whereas many tubs still use latex, so it proably bonds better with the Tufo ones. However, I have used it with Vittoria tubs with success.
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  • jalapeno
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    works fine with Conti tubs, these have butyl inners also.

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  • belgiangoth
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    Interesting ... I was thinking of investing in some Panaracer dual-dualt TGs, as they have some puncture protection. I currently have some contis (doesn't say which ones on the tyre). So I may just buy some scealant and try those for a while.
  • southlaker
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    The solvent in the sealant will dissolve natural latex rubber as found in good tubs such as Dugast.
  • Eurostar
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    Vittoria Pit Stop sealant is OK with latex.
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  • jakob_s
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    I used Tufo sealant on my Conti on Wednesday and it worked like a charm.