Focus Cayo Expert +

beckenham Posts: 242
Following last months review of the Focus Cayo Expert road bike I've just ordered one from Wiggle. I was looking at the Specialized equivilent such as the Roubaix but in the end the very good reviews of the Focus made the difference (the years interest free credit didn't do any harm either! better my money in my bank than theirs!!).

I've never dealt with Wiggle in the past and this is my most expensive bike purchase to date. I was just wondering what sort of experiences others have had with them. I emailed them today about delivery dates but despite the promise on their website to reply "quickly" I've heard nothing yet. If you try 118118 (or somethng similar) the number you are given just leads you to an answerphone telling you how "quickly" they will reply if you send them an email!

"Quickley" mmm I must go and look that up in the OED!
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