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Shifting Issues

steelosteelo Posts: 542
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Just been out for a first ride after getting my bike back from the LBS after its 6 week service after purchase. Slight issue with rear deraillieur shifting.

Shifting from the big cog on the rear to the little cog on the rear, while in middle chainring (from gears 8 to 16) is fine, no worries, shifting is pretty much instantaneous. However, shifting from little cog to big cog (16 up to 8) one cog at a time takes forever to shift, a good 20-30 pedal rotations. If I change 2 or 3 gears at a time then it will jump 1 or 2 cogs but slip the last change unless I change back 1 gear. So its quicker to change up a gear by making 2 clicks on the shifter then back 1 click!!

Can anyone advise me which way to turn the adjuster on the rear deraillieur to ensure I get a quicker and more prominent up-change on a single click?

Has this made any sense?!?
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    take it back as it is not correct.

    other wise read park tools and do it yourself. sounds like the bottom stop is not correct and the tension slightly low if normal mech. and tension high if rapid rise.
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  • steelosteelo Posts: 542
    Cheers for the quick response. Its not a rapid rise deraillieur. I would like to be able to sort it myself to be honest so I know in the future how to sort problems out if anythings happens out on a trail etc. I thought it may be something to do with lack of tension as moving the chain to the bigger cog is working against the deraillieur spring. I will try turning the tensioner a couple of notches!
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    Trek Fuel EX8 '09
  • ROCHAROCHA Posts: 266
    If that doesn't work take it to lbs. If it has recently been serviced it should work flawless, so it's their fault.
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