More kit and cycling clubs or finding riding buddy!

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Got about £100 to spend, need shoes, and shorts and pedals, what is most important. Also now I seem to be racing other road bikers on the roads I was wondering where is the best place to find people with similar interests (ie a club or buddy!)


  • You can get shoe and pedal combo's for about £60, leaving £40 to spend on shorts. try I would say shorts are most important.

    As for joining a club, i'd say go for it. You'll always have someone to ride with/race against. try and use the club finder. Or ask in your local bike shop.
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  • I was looking for some clothing last night and came across a site called
    They do some real bargains and even do bundles of kit to get you started - the gear looks ok but as i havent actually bought anything from them i couldnt vouch for its quality.

    It might be worth a look though

    Has anyone out there bought anything from this online store and can they vouch for it?
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  • justyn_c_uk
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    Pearsons used to do shoe and pedal deals, I got Nike shoes with basic clipless pedals for £40.
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  • ajohn9
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    Yeah, Wiggle is a good bet, good prices, great delivery
    very much recommended :)
  • Spud123
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    Thanks, will buy off wiggle, does anyone here live near Stamford (Lincolnshire) and is part of a club that I could join or would like a cycling partner?
  • steveoath
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    I wouldn't advise buying shoes over the internet. Always go in and try them on .

    Pedestals that are self made tend to crumble as the spotlight fades.