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Have got the cyclescheme up and running in work and am willing to go to £750 for the bike.

Have seen the Cannondale CAAD5 (the red one) and it looks like a thing of beauty!

Haven't seen much better looking bikes for the dosh but i've only looked in a few shops so haven't much to compare with as perving at them online just isn't the same!

For similar money I can get the following: -

Scott Speedster S30
Specialized Elite
Lemond Tourmalet

I've seen all in 'the flesh' except the Scott (but I have seen the S40)

The Cannondale is a step down in terms of groupset as it is Tiagra throughout whereas the rest are 105.

I would be interested in opinions if anyone on the forum owns any of these bikes.

I will be using it for 2 or three 15 mile commutes per week and then starting Saturday morning club runs with it and maybe some TT's

Sorry for being a bit long-winded but it's a lot of dough for me and I had originally intended getting an introductory Sora equipped bike but have taken the plunge to go for something better so I don't feel the need to upgrade in 6 months as happened with my MTB.


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    I know this is really not a whole lot of help but certainly something worth bearing in mind.

    1. Get the bike that fits you the best. Take some basic measurements, easily found online, and then spend a bit of time looking at websites and comparing geometry of the bikes you fancy.

    2. Buy the best frame you can get for your money. Stuff like groupsets can and probably will be upgraded as they wear out but you are stuck with the frame. Not sure who makes the best frame but Cannondale have a good rep for their frames but that isn't to say the others are no good.
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    Very happy with my Spez, but you have to get what fits

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