Help from women please! Potentially life threaning...

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Ladies! (and gentlemen who swing that way, I guess)

I have a potentially life threaning situation, for which I need your help!

My best friends bday is looming in 2 and a bit weeks, and shes gunna be 30 (she says shes gunna be OLD, but i think she dosent even look 25 ;) ) - need an idea for a bday pressie for her? (And potentially something to do with her on her bday) - just take into account shes married (to a russian boxer whos considerably larger than me), and has recently had a really cute baby...

Was thinking along the lines of jewlery or perfume, or both. Not that fussed about the cost as long as its reasonable :)

Thanks :oops:
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  • SJ
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    CK in2u is nice, not sure if it should come from you if she's married though! :wink: (I think) do some pretty and reasonable jewellery too...
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    Gifts that say "I want you" or "you smell."

    Good going, ace :wink:
  • pzycoman
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    Red Lemon wrote:
    Gifts that say "I want you" or "you smell."

    Good going, ace :wink:

    Why do you think I said its life threatening?!? ;)
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  • boxing gloves for the baby?
  • philip99a
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    Clearly you're scared / nervous of Ivan the Boxer.

    So any personal present like perfume, underwear (noooo, don't go there), even smellies for the bath are prob not a good idea :o:(

    So maybe something dull for the two of them. Do they have a garden. I buy people a clematis. Always room for that in any garden.

    You don't mention a price range. So maybe 2 clematis!

    Or go for the baby option (seems the best to me; I assume Ivan will be toatlly googoo over the sprog). I often give a set of bath toys (Boots do a nice set. You want waterwheels and funnels and stuff that moves). No use for a few months but then the child grows into using them and..... a big hit. They will get lots of age zero gifts, baby clothes etc

    Just trying to be helpful. Avoid giving her anything personal. If they say "that was a bit dull mate" then you can give her the balconette bra from Agent Provocateur next year!! :twisted: :twisted: :oops: :lol:
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    philip99a wrote:
    So maybe 2 clematis!

    Mate, you touch her clematis and Ivan the Boxer will flatten you :lol:
  • pzycoman
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    Well I was thinking about jewlery - something special, but something that dosent say "Marry me" or "I want to swim around in your pants", might go raiding shops later on this week...but smellies for the bath are a possibility!

    I dont really wanna go the baby option since its her 30th bday - would rahter focus on her than her incredibly cute baby (iv done the pressies for the baby the last 3 times iv seen her anyway)...

    Dont really have a price range, although it has to be reasonable (under 200 quid ? id say, unless it was really speshul)
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    how about a voucher for a day out at a local Spa. a bit of pampering for her and will allow her some time to herself.

    or ask her where she gets her hair cut and get her a voucher from there.

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    Or find a decent hairdressers, and tell her to get her hair cut there, with this here voucher!!

    Only kidding.....

    The thing is if you're spending £200 - might that not be more than Ivan is spending?? If so, not looking too much like a good idea..... unless you give a present that no bloke has any idea how much it really costs -which makes a spa trip a very attractive option - she'd appreciate it.

    Or maybe some posh beauty products. Blokes have no idea what these really cost.
    Elemis Celliular REcovery Skin Bliss Capsules for example.

    Got to tread that fine line between "you have a greasy complexion" / "now you're 30 you'll be needing this" and "This would make you even more gorgeous" though!
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