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discks or pads ?

mtb_ kidmtb_ kid Posts: 10
edited July 2007 in MTB beginners
i have no brakes on my mtb bike at the moment and would like to no what the best brakes are pads or discks cheers :wink:


  • ThantosThantos Posts: 533
    By pads i pressume you mean V's?
    No V-brake is better than a properly functioning Hydraulic disc (exception made for Hayes Sole)
    However, you can get Mechanical disc brakes for not much more than V's. That area is a little grey really. Some are better, others are not.
    What bike do you have and what riding do you intend on doing?
  • mtb_ kidmtb_ kid Posts: 10
    its a 21 speed ammaco Shimano aluminium frame with swing arm suspension

  • ThantosThantos Posts: 533
    In the nicest possible way, it is probably not worth spending money on Disc Brakes for your bike.
    These will be perfectly fine. ... delID=1237
  • mtb_ kidmtb_ kid Posts: 10
    ok thanks very much!! :D
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