Help needed - A matter of Life or Death

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I posted this yesterday but the original thread seems to have gone quiet, so please help if you can!
"Hi Guys can you help me out ? You all seem to have some great kit out there so I hope someone can help out! I am lucky to live about 1km from the route in Medway and took a nice walk down this morning to watch the race LIVE it was fantastic, while I was out I taped (on boring old video) Eurosport the whole race from the start, all's well so far! Once I got home through the crowds and having a chat to a few other cyclists at the side of the road, I settled down to watch the GP on ITV1 thinking that I would watch the entire race from start to finish from the TAPE - still with me? This evening after the family had watched all the other cr*p on telly like Big Brother and all the rest I cracked open a cold beer and watched half an hour of the race and then it happened - suddenly I was plunged into the world of MTV !!!!!! My darling teenage daughter had switched over the Sky box after I left home to see some MUSIC??
So if any of you have recorded the race and have the facility to produce a DVD can you please let me know, I dont mind if its ITV4 or Eurosport coverage as the pictures are the same! I am of course happy to cough up some cash to cover costs etc. If you can help please let me know before I get locked up for murder!! "

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