Well i got my bike,,,,,

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now i've just got to get back into riding again,,and hopefully shed a couple of stones!! :D
time is running out,use it wisely!


  • naz-t
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    what did u get and we need photos clean and then dirty lol

    new bike wil help with the motivation , now get out there and ride :lol:
    http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v341/ ... 1177606388

    If your not on the edge.. your taking up too much room!
  • pipeman
    pipeman Posts: 48
    did an hour tonite!!!!!windy,but not wet,,,,, :D

    bike is a raleight pioneer venture,,,,sort of alloy,,,,brand new,cheap off ebay,,,mite not be cutting edge but suits me!!!
    time is running out,use it wisely!