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skillsy Posts: 4
Can't find a place to put my bug...

Bugette 1...
Go to Routes and Riding...
Enter Australia and then Select Victoria and then hit search
The search returns to the home page.

Bugette 2...
Return from the home page and Australia will be selected, however the list of regions is the list from the UK.

Buggette 3...
After searching for "rokewood" I managed to find a ride. For there is a detailed cue sheet that cannot be displayed. I also find that my screen resolution requires me to use the horizontal scroll bar time and time again.

Bugette 4...
The Login box does not have a "forgetten password" link

Bugette 5...
I cant see a froum search facility

Buggette 6...
The URL code button in the foums appears to just add [ul][/url] and doesnt format the url at all.

Buggette 7...
I can't find a link to update my details. My full name is displayed in the Forum and I DO NOT want that.

As for the forums, PHPbb are great for small sites but is it really the go for this one?


  • skillsy
    skillsy Posts: 4
    Thanks for the feedback C+ guys! :evil:
  • skillsy wrote:
    Thanks for the feedback C+ guys! :evil:


    Sorry about that - we have been so swamped dealing with, ahem, noisy forumites that polite ones like yourself have been overlooked.

    Some of your bugs should have been dealt with by now, and I'll draw the others to the attention of the dev team

    To change your details, you should be able to click on 'Profile' from the forum main page and make changes. If you can't, shout up and I'll make them for you.

    Thanks for your feedback.
    John Stevenson
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    I'm on it!
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    My profile keeps loosing my location.
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