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Is my shock past it?

Chris4193Chris4193 Posts: 75
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Recently my air shock has developed a shiny white hue on the top third or so of its travel. It's also slightly rough to the touch. Ive been using it regularly for about 18 months but as this is my first full suss bike ive no idea how long shocks are meant to last. Any help with what this problem is and how it can be solvedwould be greatly apreciated (if, as i suspect, i have to buy a new shock i may as well buy a new hardtail frame because i already have a fairly major dent in the top tube. Thanks.


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 50,675 Lives Here
    what is the shock?

    sounds like the finish has gone.

    but if you have not had oil every where i guess it is not oil damped. so it will not make much difference.
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  • Chris4193Chris4193 Posts: 75
    Its a X-Fusion Shox 02-pv on my 2005 Specialized FSR XC. I havent seen any oil but it has been acting quite badly recently. one ride its so soft that doing a bunny hop bottoms it out and then another it moves about 5 mm when i sit on it. its had regular maintanence and it used to work perfectly so i think its just wear and tear.
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