Link to new posts not working properly

BentMikey Posts: 4,895
Here's another one for the list of work, if it's not there already: When you click the small "arrow/orange page" icon next to a post title, it's supposed to take you to the latest post. This is broken in this theme and only takes you to the top of the page, but it works normally in most phpBB forums. Here's the image so you know what I mean: ... _reply.gif

Good work on the new forum, I'm sure it will be great when you get all the issues ironed out!


  • BentMikey
    BentMikey Posts: 4,895
    Bump, this still needs fixing, and it's something of a problem for phpBB forums, as it's an elemental part of the way the forum works.
  • Gavin Weeks
    Gavin Weeks Posts: 321
    Sorry, i missed this issue, i'm afraid it won't be fixed in time for the update. But I will look into this and work on it for the next update (we are trying to aim at doing a big update once a week or there abouts)
  • mc
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    I've noticed this on various sites running phpBB, although it does seem to be a bit worse here.

    When you first log into the forum, the GTFNP (goto first new post) button will work fine, but if you look at that topic, and then go back to view another new post in that topic while still signed in on the same session, the GTFNP link will take you back to the first new post from when you originally signed into the site.
    However here, there also seems to be a problem with locating the new post on the page, as although the GTFNP link will take you to the right page, it won't goto the first new post on that page. It's almost as though the #tags are missing.