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Breakfast....on the go

Satchmo245Satchmo245 Posts: 707
On Saturday I'm going to Dalby which is a 2.5 hour drive from basecamp so I will be having breakfast in the truck on the way there. Unfortunately this means I can't have my usual porridge (yes I know; wrong spelling :? ) so I am hoping some of you guys might have some interesting breakfast ideas for me. I won't be driving by the way and I will be eating malt loaf, jaffa cakes and flapjacks during my ride so I don't really want them for breakfast too. I don't mind doing a bit of preparing beforehand either as long as it's good. I look forward to any suggestions......


Simon :D


  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    Flapjack? Cereal bars?

    Both have oats and cereals and complex carbohydrates in which will see you through til lunch. I usually have a box of cereal bars in the car coz I am rubbish at getting up in time for brekkers but have over an hours commute to get to work.

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  • ANDE.BANDE.B Posts: 544
    Put your porridge in a cup (but a little more liquidy so its easier to kinda drink)... put your cup in the cup holder... perfect car food.
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  • Satchmo245Satchmo245 Posts: 707
    Porridge in a cup, interesting. But it will be cold by the time I eat it. However, I have a thermos......... :)

    Will take some cereal bars too. I'm off to the Spar to see if they have some of those nice Elevenses bars aswell.

    Cheers guys :D
  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
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  • tynotyno Posts: 3
    baudman wrote:

    And chocolate and Redbull. what more do you need?
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