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Al Gores son gets busted in his Prius

linfordlunchboxlinfordlunchbox Posts: 4,834
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If he didn't pose such a risk to others, this would have been funny !

"I\'d clean my car with a baby elephant - if I had a baby elephant !"


  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    he's not really going to be able to escape in a prius though is he!! :lol:
    I said hit the brakes not the tree!!

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  • linfordlunchboxlinfordlunchbox Posts: 4,834
    He was doing over 100mph so he'd have no problem outrunning Joe's Porsche :lol:

    The problem was that he was doing it over 3 lanes of highway :shock:

    "I\'d clean my car with a baby elephant - if I had a baby elephant !"
  • RatkillaRatkilla Posts: 230
    Would you buy a used Prius from this man?!

    On second glance at this pic I thought ... 'does he remind you of anyone?'
    The hand gesture, the 'committed' look in the eye? The only thing that's missing is the Chaplin 'tache and the fringe.
  • linfordlunchboxlinfordlunchbox Posts: 4,834
    I've got to say that superficially, the story reads very bad for Al Gore and very good for Toyota (who would think that a Prius could do over100mph :wink: )

    I've no idea if it was just political spin, but in his film, Al Gore did come across as a person with a genuine concern for the environment.
    I'd say that his lobbying for the 'green way' must cost an absolute packet, so it makes me wonder how his backers (businessmen) can justify putting the money behind him with little chance of return so he can do the world tour thing.

    "I\'d clean my car with a baby elephant - if I had a baby elephant !"
  • ransosransos Posts: 380
    LLB, I would be surprised if it was spin to any great extent - I have a book written by Gore around 17 years ago that was looking at climate change, so it's nothing new from him.
  • The attitude of "it's alright for me to do it because I'm important" must run in the family.
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