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My job affects my play - my play affects my job.

-Chase Me--Chase Me- Posts: 65
I`m a postman - obviously my job is very physical and that is where my problem lies. I lack energy to ride after a morning at work and when I do get out to ride I lack energy to do the job the day after.

I`m just wondering if anybody else is in a similar situation and what measures do you take to combat it?

I use an energy drink during my rides but I am reluctant to use any other supplements unless anyone can offer any suitable advice.
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  • I hadn't thought of it like that....I was actually thinking of trying to get a job a s a postie just so i could ride a bike all day.... :? :D
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  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    eat plenty of foods with carbohydrates. pasta, bread etc. have 3 full meals a day,a nd eat healthily. i know it sounds like uve heard it all before, but it works fine for me, i never run out of energy, and im diabetic.
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  • RindleRindle Posts: 219
    Muslei! I'm in the same position and i was finding after my round all i wanted to do was sleep but if i shovel down a massive bowl before work and one when i get it i don't feel too bad.

    Still have to be in bed by nine though.
  • jjojjasjjojjas Posts: 346
    eat well & sleep.
    I realise how essential this is as I have a 9 month old daughter (and 3 others) so when I miss my sleep I'm knackered after I cycle to work.......then I can't be bothered to cycle at the we/end :cry:
    it looks a bit steep to me.....
  • Hi I used to work as a cycling postie here in NZ. Slightly different to cycling posties in the UK because you deliver as you ride rather than using the bike as a means to get from one point to another. It took me a good few months until I felt fit enough to train seriously though but once into the swing of it, I found that I was able to train reasonably consistently on top of my day job. The key (for me at least) was to keep the training sessions short but relatively intensive. I stopped worrying about "base mileage" figuring that I get enough of that commuting and on the job. In other words, I probably got away with doing less actual training (mileage and no of sessions) than friends with sedentary jobs and the training that I did do was more targetted.

    Of course, I also ate like a pig and had a sleep on the sofa after finishing work. Oh for the good old days!! All the best.

  • I have the same problem as i am also a postie...I resolved this problem by eating two bananas a day. One before i go to work...30mins before you head off on the bike though. I have one when i have nearly finished my round, that way i have plenty of energy to get me through the day. I would suggest as others have to eat carbohydrates such as pasta, brown bread etc. Oh yes drink plenty of diluted juice or water, not lucozade. It gives you a buzz i guess but lets you down after around 10 mins or so. Eat and sleep properly and you won't go wrong. :)
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