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Fat burning

BigtallfatblokeBigtallfatbloke Posts: 232
Ok...I'm fat...(but not as fat as I once was). I need to burn as much fat as I can when riding, without hitting the wall or 'bonking'.
I have just read this: ... etter-1065
which was interesting. Since getting into cycling these last few months I have been riding on a belly of porridge and honey and drinking a pint of water prior to th eride and two bottles during the ride....I am fitter but have lost no weight really.

So tomorrow I start riding hungry. BUT...I am worried i'll bonk very early in the ride and stop enjoying th erides leading to de motivation....I HAVE to keep this riding going.

Currently i weigh in at 19 stone 8 and am 6'4" tall at age 45.

Any thoughts on riding to burn fat like this?
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  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    No offence but a lot of that article is based on people who are already pretty fit and are looking to increase/change their bodies use of fat and carbohydrate. If your body is not already pretty good at mobilising/utilising fat stores then going out on an empty stomach will pretty rapidly lead to you 'bonking'.

    I would make sure you have had something to eat a couple of hours before you go out, but would suggest that either eating nothing or eating immediately prior to going out are gonna be bad....

    just my two penneth.

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
  • col24col24 Posts: 21
    Hi BTFB,i would recomend a high carb high protien low fat diet,im currently 19st 4lb.but three weeks ago i was 20st,becouse of my job im unfit and inactive,and still lost wieght due to what im eating,when i can be bothered to get of my backside i could probably up the loss,but by the sounds of it your alreadt getting active,here is a list of what i eat daily.
    breakfast, two weatabix with semi skimmed milk,or porridge.
    dinner, rice(i like the uncle bens two mins in a micro) baked beans mixed in,or pasta, grilled or boiled chicken,jacket spud,tuna in brine drained,any cooked veg.any combination of these to fill you up.
    teatime, scrambled eggs,adding onions, peppers ,beetroot, sweetcorn to taste,

    this is just an example,you could use any combinations to suit you,but the good thing is,you can eat your fill and you will still loose wieght,but there are a couple of rules to follow,these are when you look at whats in something,look for the number of grams per 100 grams of fat,and as long as its below 4.5 per 100 grams its cool,and also check the carbs,for example if there are 60 grams of carbs ,as long as the carbs which sugar are below a third thats fine too,so check the fat and carbs in something and as long as they are below these numbers you can happily eat away.

    pears apples and oranges are good to snack at,but go easy on the bananas as they can gain your wieght if you overdo them,i will normally have one large banana every other day,.
    but take into consideration that im still a coach potatoe,if your active then i doubt a banana for your ride wouldnt hurt hurt .
    Oh and remember ,No salad cream or mayo at all,if jacket spuds are too dry for you,add the juice from tinned tomatoes if you like to make it more tasty.hope this helps,im intending loosing another 4 stone this way,ill keep you posted on how i do.


    i forgot to add my stats,,im 45 years old 6ft tall,and now weigh 19st 4 lb.
  • rikkrikk Posts: 734
    Go out early before you've had breakfast and just do endurance work, ride a consistant pace and do a good 10-14 miles.
    Come back have breakfast.
  • Satchmo245Satchmo245 Posts: 707
    I have done my commute to work (8.5 miles) on an empty stomach a few times when I have got up late and more times than not I have felt very nauseous (and I consider myself to be quite fit). I certainly wouldn't do it out of choice but that's just me...

    I also heard something similar when I used to do alot of running and tried that. Needless to say I didn't even make a mile before turning back (for the same reasons as above). Maybe you can train yourself to tolerate it but I don't know if that is a good thing or not......

    Then again, maybe Its just me :?
  • ...I am pleased I read this thread again ...I was jus theading out on my empty I'm heading for the fridge first :lol:

    Colin hi,

    Thanks for posting all that info...I will take it on board.
    4 stone is pretty much what i have to lose as well, right now I'll be happy losing 1 stone this year and go from there.

    Good luck! :D
    Gravity sucks
  • col24col24 Posts: 21
    Hi BTFB,the diet iv shown is actually the sort of diet my brother follows ,he is a competitive bodybuilder,invited to compete in the mr olympia,becouse of the high carb side of it you still have plenty of energy,so by the way your active at the moment i can see your target of one stone this year going in a few weeks,anyway good luck. :D

  • How long are you riding for? It's important to exercise for long enough to use up your sugars and start your body burning fat instead.
    Food-wise, I suggest salads a few hours before riding and plain fluids during, then recharge when you get back.

    What tree ? ...........

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  • eggy900eggy900 Posts: 11
    How long are you riding for? It's important to exercise for long enough to use up your sugars and start your body burning fat instead.

    How long is the optimum time to excercise? I tend to do 90 mins or so on an average ride
  • Same here.

    What tree ? ...........

    Trek 8000 ZR XC hardtail.
  • RyanBrookRyanBrook Posts: 195
    There is also the paradoxical arguement to this. If you are training to raise your lactate threshold such as interval training you increase your metabolism more so than aerobic training so your burning more fat off the bike.

    I personally think a good balance of slow recovery rides mixed in with a some faster interval ride is the best way to burn the fat
  • Ste_SSte_S Posts: 1,173
    eggy900 wrote:
    How long are you riding for? It's important to exercise for long enough to use up your sugars and start your body burning fat instead.

    How long is the optimum time to excercise? I tend to do 90 mins or so on an average ride

    I think there's far too much analysis spent on how long you should ride for, when you should eat etc.

    Have a good balanced diet without any rubbish, and just get out and enjoy riding your bike.

    I was 19st 2lb last June, and am now 13st 9lb. I cut out crisps and chocolate, and eat more fruit. I started off by cycling around 7miles a day (had to stop half way !) and now do around 150miles a week.

    I would certainley never recommend cycling before eating in the morning and getting the knock.
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