Unicycling Commuter?

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My work mates have been telling me about a unicyclist they have been seeing on the way to work. He/she has been spotted near Sedgefield and Wolvision, just north of Middlesbrough. Apparently it's not you average unicycle either and has a rather large wheel? Just wondered whether the rider posted on here?


  • NickM
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    He exists, all right. Must get about a bit - I saw him (big wheel, tweed jacket) in Greenwich a couple of weeks ago.
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  • hazeii
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    For commuting on a unicycle, you'd need a big wheel to do any sensible speed since the gear inches is equal to the wheel size - so 26" wheel = 26" gear, which is obviously very low and thus limits your speed - cadence of 130 for 10mph! So for road use at least a 29" wheel is more sensible (and quite common) or even 36".
  • hugo15
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    My work mates say it's the size a penny farthing!!!!