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MP3 players and cycling

FloodcpFloodcp Posts: 190
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Is using a MP3 player whilst cycling illegal?

I understand that it may not be the safest thing to do but want to know if the Police can actually fine you for using one.



  • No, there is nothing to stop you doing it leagally speaking, but yo umight want to seriously consider the safety implications.

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  • Chris42Chris42 Posts: 809
    I use Oakley Thump but only ever use the left ear so the 'road side is free to hear the traffic

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  • GreenbankGreenbank Posts: 731
    The other side of the argument goes like this:-

    My eyes are more reliable than my ears. Other road users can be silent but they are never invisible.

    If you rely purely on your hearing you're going to come a-cropper some day soon. One day you'll think the road is clear and pull out into the path of a Toyota Prius, electric car or another cyclist.

    Riding with headphones on (both ears, to block out the sound) can help show you that you need to make more observations than you currently do.

    Put another way:

    (Completely) Blind people can't drive or ride bicycles (except as stokers for tandems).
    (Completely) Deaf people can.
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  • bigdawgbigdawg Posts: 672
    Greenbank wrote:
    (Completely) Blind people can't drive or ride bicycles .

    Stevie Wonder has a full driving licence!! :shock:

    Personally I go with the left ear only, dont care what anyone says you need yuor ears as much as your eyes sometimes...
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  • craigukcraiguk Posts: 39
    MP3 players aren't illegal however for safety reasons i would never consider using one. Also think about what happens if you are involved in an accident when using one. It may well severely limit the chances of making a successful claim.
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