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StuwwStuww Posts: 203
edited June 2007 in Road beginners
I've got an Giant escape M1 with the standard Maxxis Detonator 26x1.5'' tyres that it was supplied with.

Is it possible to fit even narrower tyres to give less resistance on the road?

It has Alex G6000 rims on it.

Also, after 6 months of puncture free cycling I've had 2 this week, so a tyre with good puncture protection would be great!

Any recommendations.


Stu W
Giant M1 Escape


  • AmazingEdAmazingEd Posts: 20
    I dont know if it will fit yours but I'm about to buy the Continental Sport contact ... oduct=9078

    It says it has good puncture protection but punctures are a part of cycling. Sometimes you can go 6 months without getting one then you'll get three in one month.

    Just keep a good puncture kit with you. It sounds strange but I actually enjoy fixing punctures on the go, gives me a sense of independence [:)]
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