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firstly, i do not wish to start an argument, i'm just curious about soemething.

you want to be able to judge your speeds according to what you see but i believe you also accept the need to be careful in built up areas and near schools?

if speed limits were to be reverted back to what I recall them being when i was growing up and learning to drive in rural yorkshire, which was 30mph in built up areas and near schools, national speed limit (60mph) outside of built up areas, with the odd higher speed on major roads of 40 or 50 in built up areas, would this be seen as an acceptable compromise?

bearing in mind that if you are not very familiar with the road, you dont know where hidden entrences are and dont want to be going 60mph, having seen this as a safe speed and find a car coming up behind you at 100mph who knows the road well and has chosen that safe speed (or the other way round)

just after your thoughts,



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    Why not post this on SS. But, I do not think para 3 represents their views. I 'think' they want no speed limits at all. Check with them, but prepared to be accused as a troll and to be banned for asking this question.
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    I have a question (no cheating now)

    You are driving along a twisty lane for the first time and being unfamiliar with it, slow down to 35mph to negotiate a bend.

    A couple of days later, you drive it again, being a bit more familiar with it, you take the same bend at 45mph

    After driving it every few days for a couple of years, you can drive the road blindfolded, and take the bend at 55mph

    Now after driving it for a couple of years, with prior knowledge, what do you think is the correct speed to drive the road ?


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    LLB, You'll probably find that the 15 or so SS members would say a).

    However, the great weakness of the SS message is that they are meant to say: "We would like to see the removal of mechanical enforcement mechanisms, and the removal of speed limits, so that drivers can choose their own speed for the conditions".

    and all the tossers hear is: "SS is campaigning get rid of the f$%$ing cameras as they kill people, and let us drive as fast as we want"

    So I think you'll find many, many people choose c)

    Sadly no one at the SS HQ can see this.

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