Fixed MTB for road

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I've given up on the fixed road project as my mate at work decides he wants to commute on his road after seeing me commuting, so no new peugeot frame for me.

I've dug up a giant stonebreaker, an early 1990's chrome-moly mtb/touring frame with horizontal rear dropouts. I'm gonna fit some slicks and use it as my commuter frame but it's just so expensive.

I'm going to have to put a new chainset on:

Is it worth going for canti brakes for price or should I pay few pounds more for V?

Are chainsets a universal fit?

I'll be using 26" wheels, before I spend any money, is it going to be worth it?


  • steverile
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    Chances are the chainset will fit. If the old BB is ok, it's likely to be a square taper. Chainline is the thing you need to get right - aligning the fixed cog with the chainset. You might end up changing the botttom bracket anyway. Cantis should be ok, (changing the brakes will mean changing the levers).
  • monty_dogcp
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    Canti-brakes can be a faff to fit and set-up - go for the modern type with vee-type brake shoes rather than the traditional post-type - one less variable to fiddle with. If you're not mechanically inclined, vees are a lot easier to live with so may be worth the extra expense - but avoid anything with plastic arms or levers. Assuming the frames got an existing BB, then it probably will be a square taper - but it may be too long to give a good chainline for fixed or SS - try your new chainset first with the current BB and measure your chainline - see for more details.