St Pancras to Greenwich route please ?

Jim C
Jim C Posts: 333
For the British Cycloportif on sun - we'll be riding there 5am ish, as we got to be there early to register on the day

Whats the best option? - roads as its so early in the morning, this is likely to be best option? Or should we take the Thameside path on the north or the south of the river? Or is this not for bikes at all?

Coming back later in the day 5pm ish - any suggestions?

If anybody else staying in YHA St Pancras - give me a shout - Derby Mercury top and on a green classic Mercian - my ride no is 3013



  • I used to commute that route.

    If I was you I'd do the easy way: Farringdon Road, across Blackfriars Bridge and turn left. Follow the road (watch pot-holes!) to London Bridge where you kind of filter left and then turn right downhill past the station (and a couple of bike shops). Then just follow the road to Deptford and then Greenwich.

    There is a 'nicer' route through the City/Cable Street (awful cycle path - bumpy and punctures)/Docklands/Greenwich foot tunnel, but it'll probably involve more map-reading and will take longer.

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