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Service with a Capital "S"

iancookeiancooke Posts: 3
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I have just been back to Paul Hewitt's for my free 500 mile service on my Cheviot SE.As always Paul was the professional that he is.The bike was ready for collection the same day.As ever,if you show enthusiasm about cycling you get it back,and some.Bespoke frame building is the next enterprise,with handy Andy and his welding torch.A custom built bike that "fits" produced entirely in Leyland for around œ1500 depending on spec,fantastic value.I am off to the Outer Hebrides for 2 weeks on my Cheviot next week.I will do my best to promote what I regard to be the best whilst I am away.Many thanks once again for a great service.Forget the rest you will get the best in Leyland,from measurement to immaculately finished bike.


  • Ste_SSte_S Posts: 1,173
    I want to join Paul Hewitt's sponsered post scheme too [;)]

    Danger ! Men at work
  • Does he do a "We will phone you back" service like SJS do for Thorn owners, anywhere in the world?
    Would they spend 4 hours with you to make sure you were set for the trip, knowing everything about the bike and it's setup?

    If you don't "show enthusiasm about cycling", or if you are not quite sure what you need, will they help you, like Bill Nickson at the other end of Leyland?
    Can you call at his house at 8pm on a friday night and get a frame brazed? Bill Nickson fixed Vernonlevy's frame like this when VL was on lejog.

    I am glad you are happy with what you believe to be the best.

    I will stick with my Thorn and Nickson bikes, because I know they are the best.

    have a great safe trip.

    Look forward to seeing Pics of it too.


    South America
  • well i got the total opposite in Scotby Cycles Carlisle, 1 member of staff chargehand sorta bloke, was rude, impatient,unhelpful, arrogant and he turned his back on me and walked away prob cos i'm scots fcuk em last thing i buy from the fools

    my steed ... C00172.jpg

    ooooh ya cheeky munkee
    felix's bike

    pedal like you stole something!!!
  • MrKawamuraMrKawamura Posts: 192
    Glad you are happy. Took mine to shop where I bought it for the free service at noon, same day pick-up. When I arrived, one mechanic had called in sick, the other had simply not shown up for work. It was on Sunday, so I'm guessing they had been out on the lash. I'll be picking the bike up tonight (Thursday).
  • jibijibi Posts: 2,463
    Where has my previous post gone?

    teething problem I suppose.

  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,890
    Good to hear good stuff from Paul Hewitt, nothing new there IMO. He has a great reputation in the UK and rightly so.

    Also good to hear about bad service one has encountered, always handy to avoid in the future.

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