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rdavighirdavighi Posts: 43
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I have some specialized road shoes with some shimano spd pedals.

My question is this are my shoes unique to one particular pedal type OR as I would hope they are generic and that's what all the other holes are for in the base?


Will a new pedal type require a new type of cleat, (will that come with the pedal?)

A little confused!


  • pbiggspbiggs Posts: 9,232
    There are two main standards with the shoes. The two holes side by side are for SPD and a whole load of other makes of MTB style cleats. If there are two rows of these, that's just to give you a choice of positions.

    Three holes in a triangle are for Look cleats and Shimano SPD-SL road cleats, and any other cleats that use that standard. Some others can be used as well via an adapter.

    Some shoes (though not many nowdays) have holes for both SPD and Look style cleats, ie. 5 holes. So any cleats can be used with these.

    Cleats are supplied with pedals. Most makes of pedals have their own unique design of cleat - but they will use one of the standard patterns for the bolts.

  • Rob_mcpRob_mcp Posts: 297
    I have a pair of spesh shoes about 3 years old which have spd (2 side by side), spd sl/look (triangle) and holes for spd r which have 2 inline bolts - these are road shoes and you can still get them with a selection of holes. Off road shoes are exclusively 2 holes side by side for spd and also time atac and eggbeater cleats

    If you buy new pedals they come with a pair of cleats - so you just need to look at the holes to decide which options your shoes will support. I used spds on a road bike for years - they are by far the easiest as the clip in is double sided - but have just changed to spd sl (same shoes) and they are great - it just took a bit of getting used to.
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