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Gore tex MTB cables........

lardarse riderlardarse rider Posts: 1,447
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In the olden days, you used to be able to get really good Gore tex cables that worked in all conditions with little or no maintenance. I have looked on the net and nobody seems to make them anymore. Were they just too expensive for Joe Public or were they not as good as we were led to believe?

I'm pushing the pedals on my season cycle

I\'m pushing the pedals on my season cycle


  • Using Jagwire's at the moment which are a nice sealed system. Came from using avid flak-jackets which worked fine too.
    Both good sealed systems that work well.

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  • Jonathan McpJonathan Mcp Posts: 2,472
    CRC lists them as discontinued - by them or Gore I do not know.

    Shame, if fitted properly they last ages, and are in effect zero maintenance. Eventually (after a few years) the liner starts to wear out, but up to that point, brilliant.

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  • bigbazbigbaz Posts: 538
    MTBing in the Peak District,Goretex cables lasted about a month tops before the liner disintegrated.Biggest waste of œ50 ever.
  • hazeiihazeii Posts: 233
    Goretex, Avid, Jagwire, Transfil - they all work well for brakes, but for rear DR use they clog up just the same as Shimano. Avid seem to be last longest for me, but not dramatically better than standard full-length Shimano outer. The one I'd recommend avoiding is Transfil "Black Snake" - the inner has a plastic coating that soon peels off inside the outer casing, after which you *will* grow huge thumb muscles trying to change gear (OTOH Transfil 'Flying Snake' are working well at present, have only done about 500 miles on them so far though).
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