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Triple Chain ring

urbanfatboyurbanfatboy Posts: 193
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  • urbanfatboyurbanfatboy Posts: 193
    I've currently got a Stronglight square taper double chainring on my Kinesis Crosslight. Does anyone know of a compatible triple ring chainset I could use? I know people will tell me that I shouldn't use a triple on a crosser, but i want it for non-cross dutiy as well.
  • urbanfatboyurbanfatboy Posts: 193
    or is there some device which allows a third ring to be bolted onto the other two?
  • Phil RussellPhil Russell Posts: 1,736
    What exactly do you want? If relevant I have replaced a triple Sora crankset with a Stronglight Escape double (my own compact at 42/30 because I was never using the big ring on the triple) and it fitted without problems on the same bb axle (no chainline problems). So the reverse would work OK but I guiess it could also be influenced by frame design. I had to replace the triple front mech with a double and changed the triple front lever to a double. Also repositioned the front mech on the seat tube.Rear mech was not affected.

    Cheers, Phil
  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    For a cross bike, use a road triple rather than an MTB one - the shorter BB means narrower crank with as they don't have to clear the chainstays of an MTB with fat tyres. I've got a Truvativ Elita triple on my crosser - I was going to use a compact, but the inner chainring fouled the chainstay. Stronglight do a well-priced range of products. You may also find some good offers on 2006 Campag triple chainsets too.
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