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Slick, Fast Rolling 26" Tyre

morxymorxy Posts: 114
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I'm looking for a slick, fast rolling 26" tyre for commuting on London roads. I'm torn between these 3. Any opinions?

1. Specialized Fatboy 26" x 1.25", 100psi max, 325g
2. Continental Ultra Gatorskin 26" x 1.125", 115psi max, 350g
3. Continental Grand Prix MTB 26" x 1.0", 120psi max, 195g, folding bead

Would the 3rd option be too flimsy? I've only had wire beads before. What's a folding bead like?



  • I had some Specialized Fatboy's.
    very nice tyre.
    Highly recommended from me. Plus pretty much puncutre proof.
  • Ashley_RAshley_R Posts: 408
    I have some continental sport contacts on my MTB, lasted years of touring and now mainly post pub riding abuse!

    You can lead an elephant to water but a pencil must be lead
    You can lead an elephant to water but a pencil must be lead
  • Ultra narrow tyres are pretty harsh on 26" rims, and IMO look stupid on mountain bikes with mega clearances anyway. I wouldn't go narrower than 1.3"... kevlar beads are a bit lighter, but make no difference in any other way.
  • morxymorxy Posts: 114
    My bike's a Scott Sub 20 Hybrid in case you're wondering:

    It's fast and reasonably light at 11.4kg. So a folding bead is typically a kevlar bead?
  • I use Specialised Fat Boys 26x1.25 in the summer and they are very good. fast and puncture proof, the only problem is telling how worn they are as being slick there are no grooves to give an indication.
  • Steve ISteve I Posts: 428
    Skinny tyres give an unpleasantly harsh ride on rigid and well built mtb (and cyclocross-cross) frames. If it was me, I'd fit 1.5" inch tyres for commuting, you'll only add a couple of minutes, at most, to your commute times.
  • I expect 1.125" tyres wouldn't look out of place on your bike, morxy; but I reckon that combined with straight bars they will hammer your hands over London road surfaces. A slightly bigger air pocket doesn't necessarily make a tyre perceptibly slower, but will make it more comfortable.
  • morxymorxy Posts: 114
    I currently have 26" x 1.25" Maxxis Columbiere tyres. 200g. Max 100psi. I typically use 80-90psi, so yes I feel every bump in the road :)

    They were great for the first 2 months - no punctures - but this month I've had 5 already! The tyres just aren't protecting my tubes enough any more. Lots of cuts. Suprising as I only do 75 miles a week.

    My fave 2 at the moment are:

    1. Specialized Fatboy 26" x 1.25", 100psi max, 325g
    2. Continental Ultra Gatorskin 26" x 1.125", 115psi max, 350g
  • johnnocpjohnnocp Posts: 112
    Schalbe City Jets
  • jumbolugsjumbolugs Posts: 181
    Continental Sport Contact 1.6" (roughly 40mm). They are slick, no tread except for a wavy groove which I think is more of a wear-indicator than anything else. I've had them on my rigid MTB commuter for about 1000 miles, no punctures so far and that's on glass-strewn cycle-path as well as road. Fast-rolling. I run them at 70-80 PSI but I think they will go up to 100 if you want. I like them a lot.
  • gandalfcpgandalfcp Posts: 220
    Another thumbs up for the sports contacts. I got mine on eBay, two for £25 including inner tubes.
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    I would add Specialized All Conditions Pro 26 x 1.0 folders to your list - they are superior to the Fat Boys (kevlar bead, dual compound rubber, 120tpi rather than 60tpi, rated up to 125psi, never puncture). They are far superior to Sport Contacts (which I had before, which puncture easily despite the guarantee, and wear fast). ... uctID=6807

    I don't find the 1 inch tyre at all uncomfortable.
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