Are most sportives anti-clockwise?

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It would make sense, fewer right turns in theory so fewer chances to get hit by cars... Fred Whitton, Etape du Dales, White Rose, this year's Dragon Ride, all anti-clockwise. Tour of Wessex - days 2 and 3 were anti-clockwise dunno about day 1. Polka Dot was clockwise though - but there was something old-fashioned about this one. And the Marmotte is clockwise but they drive on the other side of the road over there.

Am I just imagining it?

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    The Cyclotour du Leman, once round Lake Geneva, was clockwise. I can only remember one left hand turn, so I guess your theory holds. Thinking about it, most of my local circular rides are clockwise again, so maybe there is something subconscious about not crossing the traffic too often.

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  • The Polka Dot is more a figure of eight course so I guess half of it is clockwise and half is anti-clockise. The Dragon used to be clockwise and judging by the feedback on this years ride it may have been better for it.

    Why don't Sportives run in the direction my rides always do? I always seem to (accidently) plan mine to be into the wind / rain / hail / steep hills no matter which direction I'm riding!

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    Most are, except in the southern hemisphere
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    Most are, except in the southern hemisphere

    and there the wrong way round and upside down