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Ultra-Torque 'Clip'

StwutterStwutter Posts: 362
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I have been looking at changing my chainset to a compact, and whilst I was looking on the net, I saw that, on Campag Ultra-Torque systems (I have 07 Centaur), there's a 'clip' that goes round part where the crank meets the external bearing and frame. But I've never had this clip, and, as such, have never missed it.

Do all Ultra-Torque sets have this, or is it just certain groupsets, and if it's not there, is it problem? Not sure of it's purpose.


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Knackered? Me?


  • JWSurreyJWSurrey Posts: 1,173
    I have the clip on my '07 Veloce Compact. No idea what purpose it serves though - Is it to stop it unwinding?
  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    The clip is a retainer for the bearings - a bit of a belt and braces approach really I suppose to stop the cranks flying off in the event of the centre bolt coming undone. Prpbably the most fiddly part of fitting the cranks too.
  • StwutterStwutter Posts: 362
    OK guys, cheers.

    As it's not vital, I'll leave it as it is then. I've managed without it for 18 months!

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    Knackered? Me?
  • ysarnysarn Posts: 189
    As mentioned above it is to help retain the bearing, but the best use of this is in assembly as it makes this much easier. Without it getting the two halves of the crank together and straight is a bit like wrestling cats/fish, etc.. Normal procedure for Ultra torque is that you shove in the right hand crank fully into the cup and then put the clip on. This holds it in place for when you then install the left hand crank, which can be tricky as you have to make sure that the two cranks are aligned parallel to each other as seen from above and run at 180deg as seen from the side. Once I worked out to install the spring before the left hand crank it was so much easier.
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