How am i doing

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Just timed myself 11.5 miles 46mins on an MTB am 56 years of age 14st 8lbs

Is this an ok time, for someone my age




  • Rich Hcp
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    Not bad.

    You need a road bike[8D]


    Best thing I ever bought for a bike?
    Padded shorts![:D]

    Giving it Large
  • DavidTQ
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    Yep get a road bike :D will make you far faster [:D]

    Ive just timed my road bike commute to work 7.01 miles 35 minutes thats far faster than the 50 minutes it took when I started on a hybrid. The home journey I reckon will be down to 30 minutes! The road bike really does make me faster. But the hybrid was a better workout [:D]
  • Sounds good to me [:D]

    Mleh Mleh Mleh
  • I dont know if its 'good ' or not.

    I do know that my view is that my pace is good if I get home just as My legs bonk on me and i've riden a little further than yesterdays ride.

    ..but what do i know...I just push the pedals[:D]

    Gravity sucks
    Gravity sucks
  • PhilofCas
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    You averaged 15mph I believe.

    Poor if you were riding down a Pyrenean mountain, excellent if you were riding up one.

    Poor if you had a strong tailwind, excellent if you had a bad headwind.

    Poor if you are a highly trained athlete, excellent if you've never exercised before.

    Knowing very little about you, or your bike, or the actual ride etc etc makes it a bit tricky to answer.

    Having said that, if none of the above apply and you are just an ordinary person, riding an ordinary MTB and haven't been trying for the land speed record, then i'd say it sounds pretty good to me.

    Does that help ?
  • Hi Steveaps

    Im 36 and weigh 15st and 6ft tall, i cycle 11.8 mile to work and the same back. I consider myself quite fit but have a little extra weight that im trying to get rid of.
    I used to do it on a 9 yr old carrera Kraken mountainbike and the journey used to take me around 40mins best time was 38min.
    I now do the journey on a Claude Butler Milano road bike and my best time is 33mins.
    The traffic can vary from light to bloody awful.
    in my honest opinion i think you are kicking ass. especially taking into account your age and fitness profile. not saying my time is excellent by the way, just thought id crack that one in before people started out-doing me

    You do need a road bike though ......get your hand in your pocket damn it man!!!!

    my evil toad army will rule the world
    my evil toad army will rule the world