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Yet another newbie

syncrosyncro Posts: 120
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Just wanted to say 'Hi all'.
I've just took the plunge and bought my self a TREK 7.3 FX disc to commute on, for general fitness improvement and enjoyment. My jouney is 9.3 miles each way which takes me 40 minutes. Not brilliant i know but not bad for a newbie. Dont know how everyone rates my new TREK but i love it. Never gonna break many records on it but it suits me fine[8D]


  • Welcome

    Its anarchy in here/
    Just like commuting really
    The journey will get shorter

    South America
  • CathrynCathryn Posts: 176
    Strikes me that your speed is remarkably fast!!! I plod along ridiculously slowly but it's not about speed, it's about enjoyment! Welcome to the forum!!
  • DayvoDayvo Posts: 1,882
    Cathryn hit the nail on the head: you are your own biggest rival. Whatever you do, if you <i>don't</i> enjoy you're wasting your time!
    Welcome to the forum; it's not about mileage, it's about posts! [;)]

    I get knocked down . . . but I get up again . . .
    I get knocked down . . . but I get up again . . .
  • syncrosyncro Posts: 120
    I hear what your saying and yes i am really enjoying it. I really look forward to going for a ride just because i want to.
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