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I've been riding for years but now want to begin touring, my parents have just moved to France and I'm planning a visit next year - ON BIKE. I've used mountain bikes and at the mo own a hybrid but want a specific touring model, but haven't a clue which one to get. My budget is very tight and cannot go over œ400. Any advice would really be appreciated.

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  • 2nd hand Galaxy? Older style mtb with grd and rack mounts at rear and a rigid ditto front? One of the Orbits that sometimes come up discounted on ebay?

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  • julk
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    Here is one to consider
    Edinburgh Co-op Tourer
  • PS What do you mean by "a specific touring model"?

    "Not much to see,
    Not much left to lose"
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    Try spa cycles of harrogate for the Dawes Horizon, which is offered hugely discounted.. great bike for the money, if you're under 6 feet tall... I would ride one if irt was available in xxl! Just bought Trek Pilot 1.2 from instead at a huge discount. Fabulous bike, but less potential for carrying luggage. If looking second hand I think a well seasoned older model Galexy, or British framed Holdsworth, Claud Butler, or Nigel Dean Tourer would be well within budget. Good luck, and welcome to the world of distance cycling.
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    I use a edinburgh cycle country tourer, cost œ400, done 2000 mile in less than a year and its still in excellent, original condition. Just changed the brake blocks.
    well recommended for the cash. Tried the dawes Horizon, it didn't fit me personally (before it gets said...they are not the same frame...they used to be though)

    It'll be cheaper in the long run......honest
    It\'ll be cheaper in the long run......honest
  • Thanks so much guys. I like the idea of a second hand galaxy, but will be on the look out for good offers for a dawes as well.

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  • Meant to say on a NEW DAWES...

    Thank again
  • you probably already have it covered but dont forget about the cost of the other gear you'll the panniers for example...I'm finding it's all adding up to a tidy sum, but so far it's worth it.
    I have a Daws galaxy 2007, and i am happy with it...I got mine for œ650 but i hav eseen them on the net cheaper than that new. If you can stretch the budjet at all I think it will last you a lifetime (ish)

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    Gravity sucks
  • i got my galaxy for œ160 second hand from an old boy who could no longer cycle due to medical problems, he threw in panniers and lots of other bits and pieces total bargain as it had only done 2000 miles, set off a month later and did the c2c on it, great bike, happy hunting

  • Simply because I rate 26" wheels, the Marin Bear Valley on ebay at moment wiuld be worth a ton and a half for frame alone!

    "Not much to see,
    Not much left to lose"