Spare tubes

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Hi all, my first post, wouldn't say I'm new to cycling as I've been riding bikes since I was a kid but recently me and my wife have completed a sponsored bike ride and have kind of got the bug.

Anyway to the point of my question, my wife has a Claud Butler Hybrid with 700x40cc tyres, we can't seem to find any spare tubes of that size but can get 700x38, would these be okay to use?



  • monty_dogcp
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    Yes - a few mm either size is no problem as they will inflate to fit.
  • DavidTQ
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    Kenda do a 700 35-40 tube if that helps.
  • soltydog
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    My spesh Globe has 700 x 42 tyres. Nearest tubes i could find were spesh 28/38 & they seem fine