Road Bike Options - Dilema!!

FlyingWelshman Posts: 3
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I am in the process of selling my MTB and purchasing my first Road Bike. Apologies for the similar post to the recent ones, but i have done a lot of research, and found some quite interesting buys.

My budget is œ400-œ500, so here goes:

2006 Claud Butler Vicenza (Holcross Cycles)
2006 Schwinn Fastback (Holcross again)
2006 Giant SCR 2.0 (Various)
2006 Ribble œ400 Special
2006 Trek 1200 Triple

Suggestions and help would be much appreciated...

Oh, forgot to add i also been offered 2007 Giant SCR 2.0 and SCR LTD for under œ500 and a 2007 Trek 1200 Triple for under œ500. Choices are doing my nut in!!!