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_Really_ loud ringer

xchrisxxchrisx Posts: 37
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Ages ago I knew someone with a wheel mounted bell. It looked a bit like a dynamo and had a cable operated control on the handle bars such that when you operated the control the bell was pulled against the bike wheel and spun, rotating the ringer inside it. It made a hell of a racket and every time I get cut up by some twit in a car I wish I had one. Does anyone know if it is still possible to get them? It just might have been called a Sturm bell and I am pretty sure it was from Germany.


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  • GreenbankGreenbank Posts: 731
    Get an AirZound instead. 115 dB (at 1m). Seriously loud.

    If I had a baby elephant signature, I'd use that.
    If I had a baby elephant signature, I\'d use that.
  • BigTrikeBigTrike Posts: 208
    I second the airzound. A motorist of very little attention, pulled out in front of me on Wednesday, a three second blast had them swerving over the road and jumping in there seat. A very good product when it works ( the diaphram tends to clog or the foam backing degrades in time)and supposing you remember to keep it up to full operating pressure rather than leave it for months between uses.
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