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Dunwich Dynamo 2007

Anyone doing the Dun Run this year?

I am thinking of doing it for the first time, so any tips/hints welcome. ... qs07.shtml


  • jkmjkm Posts: 80
    i will be doing it for the first time, probably with a bit of pharmacutical help (in true procycling style!)to keep me awake. it seems to have been growing each year so there maybe 1000 riders this year

    as i live near dunwich i just have to solve the problem of transport to london.

    i think all the return coach places have gone and the train back only takes about 3 bikes so plan your return carefully.
  • DTHDTH Posts: 303
    take your own food with you, the fed station is a nightmare if you time it wrong.

    if it's not dripping of your nose, your not trying!
    if it\'s not dripping of your nose, your not trying!
  • jonathan rjonathan r Posts: 88
    Did it last year, would recommend it.

    1. Take your own food and powders for your drink. If you get to the feed station at the halfway point to late there might be limited supplies.

    2. Take spare batteries for your lights. Invest in a decent front lamp, once you get onto those county lanes it becomes pitch black.

    3. Take money, phone and a basic tool kit. ( puncher repair kit, inner tube and small multi tool).

    4. Research the route before hand, (Google or Ordinance survey).

    5. Take something warmer, possibly water proof depending on weather, for when you finish the ride.

    6. If you have not done this distance before. pace yourself, and don't go of to fast at the start. If you can do 80 miles at 18mph AV speed. Plan to do the first 80 at 17mph AV speed, then see how you feel at 80.

    Hope this helps.
  • Aunty RubbishAunty Rubbish Posts: 1,010
    The start can be a bit of a nightmare with huge munches of cyclists milling around the roads getting away from the park and out of London. If you don't like riding in a big, disorganised bunch (and I don't) then I'd suggest leaving early or late.

    Ditto what people said about the half way food stop. The queues can be Biblical, so take your own food.

    Usual caveats about any long ride, eg take spare tube, spare spare tube, tool, pump, warm layer etc.

    There are local-ish stations nearby (Darsham) but if you can I'd advise booking a B&B nearby. Finish the ride, hang about for the post-ride vibe, have your breakfast at the cafe and then head for the B&B for a good kip. Get train back on Monday. It's the luxury option but worth it.

    There is no cash point at the cafe so take plenty money with you. I got caught out like that on my first Dun. Had to scrounge butty money off Ravenbait (and fags, ta sweety [:x]).

    Do buy a route sheet from Patrick before you leave. Do follow the route sheet. Do take note of road signs, town names etc. If you don't then you'll end up being dropped by the whippets you were <s>desperately hanging on to</s> following and be utterly buggered in the middle of nowhere, not having a clue where you are and having to wait for someone to come along so that you can follow them back to civilisation.

    Wot everyone else has already said, because it's all good. There were 700 doing the ride last year and it was very, very crowded. Be on your guard for people riding erratically because in some of the big bunches that develop there is plenty of scope for being tanked by some fool who thinks he's in the pro-peloton.

    But you'll be fine I'm sure, there is plenty of mutual support available on the road and the buzz of getting to Dunwich is great.

    Last thing. Take a towel for a dip when you get there. [:D]

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  • BagonabikeBagonabike Posts: 2,239
    My top tip:

    If you've not done a night ride before take a variety of foodstuffs with you - the kind of food you usually eat on a long ride might not be the kind of thing you fancy at 4am...

    Last time I took cold pizza, cheesey baps, flapjacks and Ecles cakes. Cold pizza at 3am is very good [:P]

    An emergency can of coke is also good for an energy boost.
  • AndyGatesAndyGates Posts: 8,467
    Irn Bru. And all the rest.

    And do some build-up rides - if you can get, say, a 60 and an 80 in, it'll help lots. This is a relatively flat and benign route but you have to respect the distance or it'll spank you. [:)]

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  • RavenbaitRavenbait Posts: 13,064
    <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by Aunty Rubbish</i>
    There is no cash point at the cafe so take plenty money with you. I got caught out like that on my first Dun. Had to scrounge butty money off Ravenbait (and fags, ta sweety [:x]).
    <hr height="1" noshade id="quote"></blockquote id="quote"></font id="quote">Any time, dahling.

    I'd also suggest taking a small tub of vaseline or similar to re-apply your personal censored lubrication at the halfway stop, even if you can't get in for food. I've always found that it makes a difference.

    The swim is well worth it. Not only does it minimise DOMS the next day, the salt water can prevent any developing saddle sores from getting to full growth, as it were.

    Sam (not doing it this year, but someone give my love to Barry)

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    "You might remember that 'annoyed' is my natural state!"
    "Ya'd think we could just attracts ants, like normal people."
  • xioxio Posts: 212
    The ride's actually pretty easy - it's the lack of sleep that gets you, but doesn't hit til later. We managed to get to the food stop with only about a 30 minute queue, just as it started raining. Easy to see how the queues build as no-one wants to leave when it's like that. The bus back was far worse than the food line. If I was doing it again, I'd probably do the b&b idea and maybe drive back Sunday night after a kip.
  • PaulRidePaulRide Posts: 122
    I'll be there again this year. I agree with pretty much everything that's been said so far. I'd just add the following:

    Some of the turnings are very subtle - for example, the right hander to Framsden is almost invisible, and if you find you've got a huge windmill on your right, you've missed the turning.

    If you follow someone else who looks as if they know where they're going, be ready to consult a map a few minutes later as they might be wrong!

    Take it gently and defensively until you're clear of Epping - there's a lot of daft riding and the A104 is not a nice road when there are cars trying to get past a long line of bikes that can be 3 or 4 bikes wide.

    The route is delightfully flat but be ready for a short sharp rise as you come out of Finchingfield, and look out for other riders suddenly slowing down in front of you.

    Look out for that gorgeous pair of fixed-wheel mercians with carradice saddlebags.

    At the food stop do use the taps in the kitchen to refill your bottles. Much nicer than the loo.

    Don't hog the tables in the cafe at Dunwich. If it's raining, stand outside in the rain and chat to other people. The rain will not hurt you. I'm not going to reveal the location of the quiet dry place I found to have a quick kip when it was tipping down last year.

    Enjoy it.
  • sonicred007sonicred007 Posts: 1,091
    Eat plenty of carbs during the day of the ride... I pooped out of energy at about 75 miles last year... forgot to really eat all day of the ride

    Away this year....

    We managed to join about 40-50 cyclists onto the nearby train... the ticket collector refused at first and then almost all started removing wheels and using overhead compartments et al

    Great experience culminating in an amazing cooked breakfast that's more than deserved.. and you will get lost somewhere along the way

    Thanks[email protected] ... otostream/[email protected]/218502187/
  • PorgyPorgy Posts: 4,558
    This'll be my third in three years. The first one was hard. I finished but only just; I scraped in at about 9.30 am.

    Last year - with a new bike - I finished the ride at just before 6 am, fresh, and ready for more.

    The lessons learned were these:

    Make sure you understand the route, buy the route sheet, have a good map. If you know where you're going it'll save you a lot of trouble. I got lost twice the first time. And I'm pretty sure I put in an extra, and unnecessary, 10 km.

    Take lots of energy giving food. And water. As much as you think you can reasonably carry. Avoid salty foods.

    I ate mainly carbs for a couple of days before the ride - lots of couscous.

    Headache pills proved useful too. And plenty of lubrication.

    Don't bother stopping for the food stop unless you feel like being sociable. It's bloody hard to get going again after sitting around in the warm for an hour. Instead, work up an appetite for the breakfast at Dunwich Beach. It'll be worth it.

    Don't go too fast in the early stages. find your own pace. Don't try to keep up with anyone.

    Have lights, but if, like me, they're bog standard bike lights, you can always tuck in behind a brightly lit cyclist in the darkest bits.

    Look out for hidden pot holes in dark lanes - not many but I saw someone come a cropper last year.

    Take something warm to put on at dunwich if you're planning on being there for some time. Waterproof too. Last year it was bloody freezing.

    I regretted not having a swim last year, so I'll be doing that too!

    On the way - look out for bats and other wildlife.

    I saw an owl last year at around 4.00am as the sun was rising - fantastic!
  • Originally posted by xio
    The bus back was far worse than the food line. If I was doing it again, I'd probably do the b&b idea and maybe drive back Sunday night after a kip.

    As they have done for the last few years Tower Hamlets Wheelers have hired their own vehicle which leaves Dunwich at about 10.30-11.00, and returns direct to London with just a wee stop en-route.

    They may still have some spaces, it's a 14 seater luxury thing.
    [email protected]
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  • An alternative contact for Tower Hamalets Wheelers is on: [email protected]
  • xioxio Posts: 212
    Gary - that sounds like a MUCH better idea! Waiting 6 hours+ for a bus in the rain isn't the greatest.
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