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john richardson
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The monsoon conditions set my mind to thinking of upping my water resistance. I seem to remember Endura brought out strongly protected tights last year which got good reviews. Anyone got some? Any good?

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  • JWSurrey
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    Yeah - I'd drop my rating slightly from "superb" to just plain "very good" [;)]

    Endura Stealths since approx. Jan 1st ridden in pretty much all conditions except sunshine. Warm enough in the cold depths of January.
    Roubaix style internal fabric and a near neoprene style outer.
    I don't get sweaty in them, so their breathable qualities are just as good.
    Would have been fine to wear this weekend (c.14 Celsius), but I opted for shorts instead due.

    I probably need to wash them in a Nikwax type finish to assist the water beading, as it's not as good on the thigh tops as it was when new - Still highly waterproof, though perhaps nearer water-resistant.... Got slightly damp on the tops of my thighs after 5 hours in a downpour. Everywhere else dry.

    Useful ankle zips and reflectives.
    Little sign of wear.
    Only negative is a lack of internal/external pocket.
    Wiggle sizing chart was spot on for my 5' 11" height at a 33" girth.
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    A lot of people have recommended "rain legs" which cover the tops of your thighs only so you don't get all hot and sweaty. Never used them myself though.

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    Porridge not Petrol
  • Tynancp
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    aren't your legs already waterproof?
  • Thanks JWS, just the sort of review I was looking for. And domtyler - I'm a rainlegs user myself and would heartily endorse them for most conditions. In the last deluge, however, there was water up to mid calf in some puddles on my commute. Your lower legs do get damp, obviously, in 'normal' rain, but it's not uncomfortable if you're moving. We've had two of the super-monsoons so far this year - I only remember one a year for the past few - and last winter was mild, but there were a few blizzards. I'm thinking of the Endura for those conditions really - and buying some in the summer when I might get a reduction.

    And last, but not least, Tynan. Thanks for keeping up the forum tradition. It can never be said too often.

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    No chain, no gain
  • Tynancp
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    I wasn't being entirely facetious

    are they really for warmth while getting wet?