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Have been riding a road bike for a month and decided to go out and do a good 25miles on Saturday. Started raining half way through but decided to carry on anyway. I was already wary of road given I have crashed on a turn a few weeks back when it rained...

Anyway the rain made me really nervous on the bike as I seemed to be slipping everywhere, it just feels like there is no grip at all on the bike. Going down the A3 at about 15mph I tried to veer around a pothole and just nicked the curb and sent me flying. Put a dent in the helmet and abrasion on the shoulder, elbow, knees, arm, etc. Also put in crack in the fork.

Question is, how do you ride in the rain?? Now I am terrified whenever I ride in the rain [:(]


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    confidence, if you arent confident it shows and the bike wont be under quite as good control. if you are nervous you wont concentrate as much.

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    It sounds as if your 'off' was due to hitting the kerb and not a lack of grip. I find you can still lean the bike over a long way despite a wet road as long as there are no manhole covers about.

    Hypocrisy is only a bad thing in other people.

    Hypocrisy is only a bad thing in other people.
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    Faster leads to confidence.
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    If you have a new road bike, you might have some pretty rubbish factory tyres. Post what you've got, because if it's the junk on many entry-level road bikes, changing those will give you lots more grip.

    Faster is good. I still wuss out with banking in the wet... on, and if you're jinking around a hole, jink wide not toward the kerb. Fewer things to hit [:)]

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    Fairly standard Bontrager Select 700*25C tyres.

    Will try faster to see if that helps [8D]
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    Should I change the fork myself or get the shop to do it for me. Quite keen to learn really...
  • Garybee
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    Remove the fork yourself and see what type of crown race it has. Some have a gap in them so that they can be easily fitted and removed. Others need to be pressed on so will need to be removed with a bearing puller. If yours is the latter (most are) then i would suggest that you at least let the shop move the race between forks unless you are very mechanically minded. If not then there is no reason you can't do the job yourself, there are plenty of guides on the net.

    Hypocrisy is only a bad thing in other people.

    Hypocrisy is only a bad thing in other people.
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    I did 40 miles in the pouring rain and hail on Saturday. It was immense. Got 37 mph down hill at one point, but it was scary. I love cycling in the pouring rain, it makes me feel like an athelete. The confidence will come.

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