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dragon riders beware, dont eat the grease !!!

oldwelshmanoldwelshman Posts: 4,733
Yes ok, you can all stop laughing, I at ethe de greaser they gave out at the end of the ride.
They gace a bag of freebies containing a bottle of water, water bottle and what I thought was a sis gel, which I put in my pocket.
I later took it out, ripped the top off with my teeth and ate some and it was disgusting, I looked and it was de greaser!!
I spat it out, rinsed my mouth out and drank lots of water.
I went to the paramedics and asked if I was the only dork who did this, apparently not there were 4 before me all admitted to hospital!!!
NO lets see, what do you need after a 200km ride, a sis gel or a stupid de greaser in exactly the same design packaing as the sis gel?
The paramedics took pics of the both sachets and said they would have to raise it as a health issue to ensure same does not happen again!!
They told me the contents were highly cncentrated washing up liquid basically so I guess I will be crapping bubbles later [8D]

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