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<font face="Arial">I would just like to thank my local council for funding the superb resurfacing job they've recently completed on stretches of most of my normal routes. Those cheap, coarse, abrasive, uncomfortable, resistant, 'cycle friendly', speed destroying, noisy, paint ruining chippings are a real treat. </font id="Arial">


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    At least yours has been resurfaced. [;)]
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    It would sitll be an imporvement over the current surface of some local roads in Deepest Darkest Londinium.

    Town Mead Road in Fulham/Walham Green for example...

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    If I had a baby elephant signature, I\'d use that.
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    don't forget you are now target practice for cars etc, as they go past too fast
    & too close and splatter chippings into your leg,arm,and worst,ear
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    Ah yes, the "cheap as chips" spray-on fix rather than putting on a proper 30mm of tarmacadam. Just had a road around my dad's done and it is lethal. Now that plenty of cars have driven over it there are little drifts of gravel/chippings right about where you normally cycle... nice [:(]

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  • My local council relied on a high volume of 4x4 traffic to flatten the surface and embed the chips. Took a while, but worked in the end. Just hope we don't get scorching weather which reliquifies the tar - the resulting trenches make midwinter commuting even more exciting.
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