HELP!! Dam Tyres!!

Andy Mack
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Hi there
Had my second crash in a short period of time today, Wet conditions as before Pitched her in to a corner @ about 20mph and down the road i went again! Deja vu or what. I could not belive how easily i went down. Of course i had an audience as always seems to be the case.
Red faced i picked my Bianchi and myself up to assess the damage.
No damage to me but me Bianchi locked well sick cables. Lever.Bars pedals not to mention bar tape

So Conclutions
1 Bianchi`s suck A** - Some will agree with this im sure
2 Can`t ride for toffee - 20 years in the saddle if i dont know yet i never will.
3 Slow down - Never id rather walk
4 My continental ultra sports are SH** - Likley cause i feel

Can anyone out there advise with A quality grippy tyre. Dont care how much! It has got to be cheaper than the regular repair bill from LBS
and the embarrasment of explaining damage.
Cheers on advance
The Mack <u></u>


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  • Ultra sports are fine. It was wet Slow down! Look how much slower F1 cars are when it is wet. The same (or more) applies to bikes.
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