Ridgeback Comet or Velocity ??

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Hi folks,
Well the weather has finally stopped so I'm off to look at my first bike purchase in over twenty years .... hahaha.
Gonna test ride two, the Ridgeback Comet and Ridgeback Velocity ...... andyone had any experiance with these or got any thoughts on them ?

Once up to speed I hope to cycle to work two to three times a week, it's sixteen miles each way so hopefully the lard will start dropping off .... hahahaha.



  • Aidocp
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    I started out thinking of getting a speed in the end I got a Velocity. For not much more than the Comet, it seemed to feel more comfortable. I only commute 9-10 miles round trips, Ive took it on longer rides (upto 50miles). Ive still got the original tyre on it but these may be slow, if your intending on upping the distance. IMO if you are regulary doing longer distances you may want to think about upgrading, Ive got a Spesh Sirrus too and it great for distance.

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  • Cheers mate.
    A road bike in fact would be the ideal solution but there's quite a bit of bike track around here so I really need a Hybrid.
    Glad you like the Velocity, it seems a nice bike.
  • Aidocp
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    The Spesh Sirus is a Flat barred Road Bike (faster Hybrid)

    If I had a baby elephant, who would take it for walks?
  • xio
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    I had a velocity - a good bike but deceptively expensive. Rode it for a couple of years before realising that the only things that ever passed me were "proper" road bikes, so I spent œ600 on a Giant OCR1, which was great, then I realised that I needed more bling and less weight so I went up to a œ3000 Litespeed. But I blame it all on the Velocity and the comments I received along the lines of "imagine how fast you'd be on a proper (road) bike" - that's what got me started. I ended up selling the velocity to my brother about 18 months ago, and now he loves it too.

  • Well I ended up with something completely different.
    I tried both the Comet and Velocity and they just felt too small and unstable ....... that may be because of my twenty stone frame .... haha.
    I also tried a Genesis Dual Track 1.0 which just felt great straight away, so I took this out for quite a long ride and loved it.
    So I'm off now for another ride ....... I'll let you know how I get on.[:D]