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Just signed up for the forum and it looks fun reading through some of the posts.Been commuting regularly to work last few years weather permiting and beginning to cycle more and enter more rides like london to brighton and something longer as soon as im up for it.

I did the london to brighton with a group of us from work and managed it in 3 and a half hours which i was pleased with,any experts out there i would like to sneak under 3 hours next year training advice please?...oh yeah im 40,5ft 9inch and around 12half to 3quarter stone

kia ora cycling bros


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    Welcome along - loads of good advice from seasoned cyclists here, of all types.. Roadie, commuter, MTB etc etc etc !
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    Hello and welcome, that was a pretty good time, there was a thread on here regarding the L2B and times achieved, due to the numbers of cyclists taking part it's not really the ideal event to try for a PB, especially if you are with a team, there is always that degree of solidarity with the others which means you stick with them.

    I did it this year, my first and last foray. I had a bad experience going up towards Chipstead where the narrow lane climbs up to the Rugby club, there was a bit of a jam and stoppage caused by people dismounting as they couldn't cope with the hill, sadly they just caused mayhem and crashes, I broke a cleat and cut my calf on my chainring, so did the remaining 45 miles with one pedal clipped in and blood oozing from several chainteeth punture wounds.

    I saw lots of crashes, I think the problem is large numbers of mixed ability riders with little or no roadcraft when riding with others, as demonstrated further up the road, when people would deviate course for no apparent reason, without checking to see if anyone was behind them.

    Back on topic tho', you'll get plenty of help, support, encouragement and advice here[8D][8D][:D][:D][;)]

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    Thanks for the advice and welcome flint,sounds like you had some problems with the crowded lanes and that,i only witnessed one person come off and he was fine ,i had the 6 oclock start and after the first half hour or so things thinned out and it was ok.Saying that we never got away till about 6.30 as someone suffered a heart attack near the start so i hope the guy is ok.

    I take your point though about it not being an ideal ride to do a pb but i think i will do it next year just to see what i can achieve time wise,not to mention the money raised and cracking bbq at the end.
  • No help whatsoever with going faster, getting fitter or whatever, so just "welcome"!

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    lol[:D]cheers dave thanks for the welcome,i think i will try the training post at some point for some advice on fitness and such stuff.