Inner tube valve problem.

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I have Campagnolo Khamsin wheels, with Coninental tyres.
Mrs Postie rides a Dolce, so we brought a job lot of spare Spesh tubes (cheap on Wiggle or something).
Anyway, I had my 1st ever puncture on the L2B, right by the Dome [:(!].
As I changed the tube it turned out, the Presta valve wouldn't fit through the wheel hole.
I managed to bodge it to get me over the line, but I certainly wasn't expecting that problem.

What's my next step, does it have to be a specific make, when buying tubes. I thought the Presta valves were all the same.

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  • fossyant
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    Nope - just buy long valved tubes - my fave tubes Vittoria Ultralight (just plain old good quality butyl ones really), do standard (although longer than they used to be) and of course long valves. My real deep rims (Hed Jets) need valve adapter tubes, but that's on a tubular tyre !
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    You want the the long valve type I imagine, unless you mean the hole in the rim was too small?

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    Just buy a valve extender and you can swap it from tube to tube after each puncture.